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BioTime’s CEO: Human Aging Will Soon Become a Thing of the Past

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John Mauldin
Each week, investors and financial professionals around the globe turn to John Mauldin to better understand Wall Street, global markets, and the drivers of the world economy. And for good reason. John is a noted financial expert, a New York Times best-selling author, a pioneering online commentator, and the publisher of one of the first publications to provide investors with free, unbiased information and guidance—Thoughts from the Frontline—one of the most widely read investment newsletters in the world.
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  1. eatingamandarin


  2. Pharmowner22

    Multiple wave oscillators and such

  3. Christopher Walken

    In the meantime; eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and minimize your animal product consumption.

    1. Inferneau

      Pretty much that except for the last one.

  4. Jacob Steenhuysen

    for the rich

    1. Alex

      If you earn more than 27.000$ per year, you are in the top 1% of the world. You are rich.

    2. Oingo Boingo

      At first for the rich, but technology becomes always cheaper and cheaper

  5. Johnny Pate

    What a load of bollocks.

  6. Mitch Connor

    Possible but no man will ever want to live forever. If man gets biological immortality after a few hundred years he will go mad and off himself. I don't want immorality but I wouldn't mind living 300 years as a middle aged man. Not old as fuck though.

  7. Michael Kummer

    Too good to be true. This is how in biotech the proper advertisement and sale of perpetuum mobile is going on.
    Lets just accept it, and what should we assume next. We have no need for babies. New born would make earth over populated.
    I think it is time to put a cap on life span. Sounds like a joke ? Maybe. or just imagine that about a 1000 years from now, 800 years old people try to fix infrastructure that was built 1100 years earlier…Consider this video as a prophecy, old and slow, but interesting, and disturbing.

    1. Oingo Boingo

      Population is aging and declining in number in the majority of the industrialised nations, so we have quite the contrary of an overpopulation problem

  8. Alex Mercer

    You probably have to be the "chosen ones" for this.

  9. charles kidney

    It would be great if they were right. Hope is there. Logic is screaming no. I would think maybe 200 years from now. The tech they are talking about maybe a reality.

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