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Mario der große Marktausblick

Inhalte des Videos sind u.a.:

00:00:00 Begrüßung
00:01:00 Börsenmärkte im Überblick
00:10:20 Merck MRK
00:11:10 MDAX
00:14:03 Apple APPL
00:15:41 Adobe ADBE
00:16:11 Analog Devices ADI
00:17:00 ADP Automatic Data Processing
00:17:18 ADSK Autodesk
00:17:44 AEP American Electric Power Company
00:17:50 ALGN Align
00:18:00 AMAT Applied Materials
00:18:24 AMD
00:18:48 Amazon AMZN
00:19:41 ANSS Ansys
00:19:50 ASML
00:20:07 ATVI Activision Blizzard
00:20:25 AVGO Broadcom
00:21:09 RWE
00:22:20 NEE NextEra Energy
00:23:28 SAVA Cassava Sciences
00:24:10 APH Amphenol Corp.
00:25:28 ACN Accenture
00:25:49 BNR Burning Rock
00:26:17 BNTX BioNTech
00:28:42 GRMN Garmin
00:29:35 EQIX Equinix
00:30:19 SYK
00:31:34 EFX Equifax
00:33:02 AIZ Assurant Inc.
00:34:52 KKR
00:36:05 MRNA Marina Biotech
00:37:41 AMZN Amazon
00:39:29 ZM Soybean Meal
00:40:05 RGEN Repligen Corporation
00:40:55 WIRE Encore Wire Corporation
00:42:08 SBUX Starbucks Corporation
00:43:03 AIXA Aixtron
00:44:32 Fragen der Zuschauer und BBIG und andere Memestocks
01:04:27 Die letzten Plätze sichern für das letzte Seminar dieser Art bei Mario

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02.10. - 04.10.2021 90 Tage Trader-Ausbildung (Präsenz)

16.10. - 18.10.2021 Mastermind Seminar Volatilität (Präsenz)

20.10. - 22.10.2021 Mastermind Intraday-Trading (Präsenz)

09.11.2021 Info-Webinar | 90 Tage Trader-Ausbildung

07.12.2021 Start der 90 Tage Trader-Ausbildung (Online)
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Mario Luddemann
After graduating from high school, Mario Lüddemann began a sales career with BoFrost and Bertelsmann. In 1996 he started as a private stock exchange trader on the German stock market with 5,000 DM seed capital and already reached a million profit as a daytrader on the German financial markets in 2001. In 2002 to the present day, the stock exchange professional sold more than 55,000 trades with a trading volume of more than 1 billion euros. Today, Mario Lüddemann is financially independent and independent as a portfolio manager, financial analyst as well as book author and university-certified management coach and is one of the best-known trading coaches in Germany.
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