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Gold to 5000?

What will send gold to 5000 per ounce?

The latest In Gold We Trust report has just been published by Incrementum and is available to download at:

Ronni Stoeferle of Incrementum is this week's guest on GoldCore TV with Dave Russell discussing what he see as the major drivers that will send gold 5000 an ounce and as high as $12,000 over the coming years.

Ronni has been warning about impending inflation and the coming inflationary decade, for some time and we are now starting to see those inflationary pressures manifest in higher prices to consumers and higher asset prices in general.

His prediction for the gold price is based on a major shift in the "Monetary Climate" where excessive money printing, inflating asset prices, and the Covid 19 crisis has painted the Central Banks into a corner.

This report is a "Must Read" not just for anyone with even a passing interest in gold investing but also for those interested in gold mining or even looking to be able to better evaluate the financial news.

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00:00- Intro
00:41- Inflation is always a process.
02:33- Major drivers
05:34- Inflation is not temporary or transitory
07:56- One of the main reason for gold making new all time highs
10:14- A perfect storm for gold
14:57- Forecasts and valuations
18:45- $5000 for gold, what does this mean for stock markets?
20:33- What has to happen in order to reach $12000 plus level of gold by the end of the decade
24:14- Final thoughts...

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