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Flash Crash: Gold Markets Poised to Rebound?

Flash Crash News: Gold Markets Poised to Rebound?

After the dramatic #flashcrash that #gold suffered this week, when will the gold market rebound?

We ask this to our guest on GoldCore TV this week Louis Gave of GaveKal. Dave Russell discusses Louis' interpretation of the current state of financial markets and his views on central banks' digital currency and the future of #Bitcoin.

Also covered in this episode…

Will the Fed be able to implement tapering or any modest tightening of monetary policy?

How the western world has become more China-like in the last 20 years.

Why China is promoting its own cryptocurrency, the digital renminbi since it provides the government a lot of authority, control, and flexibility.

As central bank digital coins become much more prolific will there still be room for Bitcoin?

Can gold recover? Flash Crash Explained

Why and how emerging markets are driving gold prices particularly in countries where historically there is a wider lack of trust in government and the management of their currencies.

What would a rise in long bond yields mean for gold?

You can find out more of what Louis Gave offers here:

00:00- Intro
00:52- Bond and Stock Markets
07:46- Money Movement from East to West
10:10- Fed Tapering and Tightening of Monetary Policy
15:34- Future of Bitcoin
20:59- Emerging Markets Dominate Gold Prices

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