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How powerful is Hamas?

On October 7th Hamas fighters launched a surprise attack on Israel and slaughtered more than 1,300 people, mostly civilians. What is Hamas and how powerful is it?

00:00 - What is Hamas?
00:55 - Hamas’s control of Gaza
01:18 - Growth of Hamas military capacity
01:32 - The latest attack on Israel

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Hamas’s attack was the bloodiest in Israel’s history:

A short history of Gaza:

As war looms Israel calls for 1.1m people to evacuate northern Gaza:

Israel faces the danger of fighting on a second front:

Will Israel’s agony and retribution end in chaos or stability?:

Netanyahu wages war and fights for his own survival:

Hamas’s attack was an Israeli intelligence failure on multiple fronts:

Brutal urban warfare awaits Israel’s army in Gaza:

Hamas’s carnage upends Joe Biden’s plans for the Middle East:

Israeli hostages now face a terrifying ordeal:

The lessons from Hamas’s assault on Israel:

A Hamas leader refuses to admit his group planned to kill civilians:

By Invitation: The crisis shows the failure of Israeli policy towards Palestinians, says Shlomo Brom:

By Invitation: The Palestinian cause has been damaged by factionalism, argues a former prime minister:

By Invitation: Nimrod Novik on the false premises and failure of vision that led to the Hamas attacks:

1843: People in Gaza hate the night. All they can see are explosions:

1843: “It’s an Anne Frank situation”: an Israeli professor hides from Hamas:

Watch: Israel and the Palestinians: a century of conflict:

Listen: With no electricity, limited internet and dwindling food supplies, what is life like in Gaza?:

Listen: An interview with a senior political leader of Hamas:

Listen: Gaza is now under siege. What else is Israel planning?:

Listen: Israel has suffered the biggest terror attack in its history. How will it respond?:
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