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How will covid-19 change travel? | The Economist

The covid-19 pandemic has devastated the travel industry. But as vaccines are rolled out and global travel slowly picks up, how will the industry evolve, and will holidays ever be the same again? Read more here:

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Read about why Covid-19 has had such a devastating impact on the travel industry, and how the industry is adapting:

How ‘staycations’ are helping the hotel industry survive:

Read about how the hospitality industry is adapting to remote workers:

Hygiene is becoming increasingly important for holidaymakers:

Is hydrogen the key to greener air travel?
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  1. ElibelDublin2020

    What about tax? i’ve heard that some companies are recalling staff for this reason.

    1. The Economist

      That's a very good point. In fact, we are currently working on a "future of work" film, which closely examines the tax implications of working from another country. Please subscribe and enable notifications to be alerted when this is published.

    2. Fred Galaxy

      If they are closed, companies don't need to pay tax. They can also claim government grants to cover costs.
      If there is no business, companies can't pay employees. Or will need to lower salaries, which will reduce tax they pay.

    3. ElibelDublin2020

      I’m talking about office jobs that can be done remotely. Dublin is full of multinational tech and finance companies. That’s the kind of job I mean.

      I myself have been working from home for almost a year now, if I chose to go abroad for an extended period, I know I would run into tax issues after a certain amount of time.

  2. Leon Petkov

    Why is she constantly saying "caused by the pandemic", "because of covid-19" and so on? The virus itself is responsible for nothing more than sickness and in some cases death. I don't consider reasonable this type of easening of speech. Things have to be said the way they are. All of this is caused by the so called measures against the virus (so, by some massmedia and politicians) and not by the virus itself, whether you like it or not. No matter whether you appreciate the measures or you don't, that's the truth, and you better start accepting it and saying it this way, or you are just confirming your manipulativity and irresponsibility! Even if it makes you feel less guilty and more distant from the reality, you cannot put it that way, if you respect yourselves and have some honor. That's just intolerable..

  3. ZliBokser

    @The Economist – Serbia is listed to be vaccine covered in late 2022, when in fact its the second in Europe by number of administered shots per million people. And will probably be first in a few months

  4. Stephen Capel

    Why is it everytime I try to find out how the travel industry will change, I instead get a focus on French laptop toting yuppies. I set my egg timer once "increase in remote working" was mentioned for one minute before I heard "le naturre" and wasn't disappointed.

  5. Giorgio_A

    Let us all bankrupt whoever dares to demand specific drugs or vaccines in our system.
    It is a basic human right to chose whatever cure you want, and it is tyranny to exclude people on the basis of what vaccines or drugs they take.
    Also, pushing the narrative of CONTAGION is criminal. Turning healthy people into hypochondriacs is a psychiatric crime.

    1. Titi Drapeau

      Right.. what's happening now is the most fked up thing I've ever bared witness…sickening to it's core..corruption/control of the ppl n this reboot is the forefront of this agenda 🤧🥶😤😤😤😡

  6. Peter Christo

    Did anyone hear that the £1,750 hotel quarantine bill keeps being added to your bill if you or any family member tests positive while you are in the quarantine hotel! The bill can be endless! Watch out!

  7. D Legionnaire

    THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON AMAZON PRIME  ……………………………..

  8. Brucking Filliant

    It's not just the pandemic. It's the escalating climate crisis. Use fossil fuels and you deserve to become a fossil yourself. We need alternatives that use no fossil fuels, like high-tech sailboats and hydrogen-powered planes.

  9. Brucking Filliant

    LOL, yet another reason to hate Ryanair.

  10. Julian Coulden

    It’s abhorrent to talk about the rich world as if it were somehow distasteful and grossly unfair. This phrase sounds like a criticism of any one who lives in the west, another woke ploy to imply some one from the west has undeserved privilege and advantage.

  11. Caleb Edwin

    Investing in crypto now should be in every individual's life plan in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

    1. Sam Kings

      Most intelligent words I've heard.
      I agree with that totally, Crypto is the new gold.

    2. Jack Braxten

      I wanted to invest in Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price.

    3. Richard Walter

      @Jack Braxten That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Capitano Lucius.

  12. Bucket List Travellers

    I had never considered that business travel had been subsidising leisure travel, but that makes sense.

  13. Yenting Wang

    The testy window coronally hook because badge expectantly play barring a tough secure. clumsy, unusual examination

  14. Septell

    In March 2020, the Italian health service produced a report about Covid deaths in Bergamo.

    It showed clearly that, as diseases go, it was a nothingburger.

    This is the reality of the "pandemic". It's
    not a particularly deadly disease. It's a top down plan to get people to submit to vaccines.

    Our modern world is marching to a rhythm that people don't consciously feel. They unconsciously follow it. It makes it look as if there really is a problem.

    There is – but it's the structure of the system that's the problem – not the latest "perceived problem".

    It's like we're watching a play – only we have forgotten that it's not real.

  15. Cat DeCosta

    /Hows the wifi tho?

  16. David Brown

    It may only change because WE are letting it change…..

  17. Samson

    not only forcing us to the jab, they now would now tell us where to go….NWO is the great reset, let's not being fooled!

  18. Chiang Mai Condo

    Apart from the awkward time zones, Millennials will fully embrace WFAbroad as a much better option than WFH. The office is so last century.

  19. Greg Natsumo

    Traveling only for the wealthy. Middle class and working class stay put.

  20. amateurranconteur

    There is a simpler solution and so obvious, they don't consider it…

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