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Are brain implants the future of computing?

Imagine brain implants that let you control devices by thought alone—or let computers read your
mind. It’s early days, but research into this technology is well under way.

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00:00 - Are brain implants the future of computing?
00:58 - Headsets are changing how brains interact with the virtual world
02:24 - What is a brain computer interface?
03:24 - What’s holding this technology back?
04:00 - How wearable BCIs can read your mind
06:27 - How BCIs physically alter the brain
07:17 - Invasive brain implants
09:14 - The first human cyborg
09:51 - What’s next?

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What does a brain-computer interface feel like?

Crossing the brain’s electrical frontier:

How could brains and machines work together?

Using thought to control machines:

How can obstacles to brain-computer interfaces be overcome?

Neuroscientific research on monkeys is ethically troubling—but vital:

Organoids and neuron transplants give new ways to study the brain:
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