(10.1.1) Net International Investment Position United Kingdom


Net international investment position to GDP United Kingdom UK

We discuss the net international investment position of the United Kingdom - Click to enlarge

The NIIP is heavily driven by valuation effects: British foreign portfolio investment are apparently rather risk-on investments, while possessions of foreigners in the UK are rather risk-off. Consequently the NIIP swings with stock markets.
Via FT Alphaville:  “While the UK NIIP is down from the lows in 2006/07 and 2010, 10% is a high number as it creates a structural drag on the current account in the form of a negative income balance. However, this is only in theory and the UK is a good example of having a strong (positive) income balance even in the face a negative NIIP.



Income United Kingdom Balance of Payments

We discuss the net international investment position of the United Kingdom - Click to enlarge

“The size is less important that the fact that it is positive even in the face of a negative NIIP. This suggests that the return foreigners earn on capital in the UK is substantially less than what UK investors (corporate and private) earn abroad. This could be a result of UK investors being more shrewd and adept than their foreign counterparts, but this is an unlikely explanation.”

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