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Other blogs & info on SNB & CHF

The best information for every currency is probably available at Seeking Alpha. Here the CHF info and the corresponding ETF.

Blog on the Swiss franc, Financial Times Alphaville on CHF (registration required).

The official Swiss bankers’ blog. One example for a post, in which they argue for an overvaluation of the Swiss franc via the Big Mac Index , a completely invalid argument because Switzerland subsidizes its agriculture. See our February paper about how to calculate if and how much the Swissie is really overvalued. It seems that Swiss bankers are sleeping.

Bruce Kasting  on strict border and capital controls when the euro breaks up.

Swiss for Ron Paul

End the SNB ! on Facebook

Roubini Global Economics on Switzerland.

A news aggregator on Swiss Franc.

Zerohedge tags on the SNB.

George Dorgan
George Dorgan (penname) predicted the end of the EUR/CHF peg at the CFA Society and at many occasions on SeekingAlpha.com and on this blog. Several Swiss and international financial advisors support the site. These firms aim to deliver independent advice from the often misleading mainstream of banks and asset managers. George is FinTech entrepreneur, financial author and alternative economist. He speak seven languages fluently.
See more for 1.) CHF

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