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Downwards and Upwards Drivers of Swiss Inflation

In the following we present the drivers of Swiss price inflation. We first present the components of the consumer price index. Then we explain which are upwards-drivers of inflation and which ones cause downwards adjustments.

The Inflationary Cycle in Developed Countries Has Just Started in Germany

Inflation Difference between Eurozone and Switzerland Narrows to 0.3%

According to Swiss Statistics the inflation rate has risen to 0.2% y/y – as for both the Swiss CPI standard and the European HICP standard.

Swiss Yearly Inflation Rate Overtakes First Eurozone Countries

  According to Swiss Statistics the yearly inflation rate is at 0.0%, and the monthly rate is +0.4%. The Spanish CPI is already under zero at -0.2%, and the Italian one is at +0.3%, not to speak about severe Cyprus or Greek deflation . Still in...

Inflation Difference between Eurozone and Switzerland Narrows to 0.5%

Another five months till Swiss inflation is higher? When the European economy starts to expand again, who will hike rates first, the SNB or the ECB? December Update According to Swiss Statistics the inflation rate remained stable at 0.1% y/y, while the...

Inflation Difference (HICP) between Eurozone and Switzerland Narrows from 1.4% to 1.1%

  According to Swiss statistics, the yearly change in the Swiss consumer price index has risen from  -0.1% to 0%. The headline MoM figure fell by 0.4% due to the yearly sell-off in the retail sector. The difference between euro zone and...

The End of Swiss Deflation

The yearly change of the Swiss consumer price index has risen from -0.5% to -0.1%, the end of deflation is near. Swiss inflation measured with the European standard HICP has even improved to +0.2% y/y.

Italian Retail Prices Remain close to Switzerland, Germany Far Cheaper

Disinflation Finally Starting in Italy The Swiss site is run by the Swiss Consumer Association. Their price data shows that a food basket is 46% more expensive when compared between the German “Kaufland” shop and the Swiss...

Swiss Inflation Rises, Services Up 0.6% YoY, Goods Swiss Origin +0.3%, Energy Tames

Cheaper energy prices and long-lasting contracts help against inflation. Swiss inflation increased by 0.1% against April. According to Swiss Statistics, on a year basis, the CPI fell by 0.5%. Major reasons for lower figures were the 6.3% YoY decrease...

Swiss Inflation Unchanged, HICP Difference Euro Area to Switzerland Down to 1.6%

Swiss inflation unchanged in April against March. The inflation difference between the Euro area and Switzerland on a new low. While in early 2012 it was near 4%, if has shrunk now to 1.6%.

March Swiss Inflation Up 0.2% MoM, Down -0.6% YoY

Swiss inflation edged up 0.2% MoM when seasonal effects on clothes and footware were corrected. On a year basis, the CPI fell by 0.6%. Major reason were the falling energy prices,

Difference between Eurozone and Swiss Inflation Rates Continues to Shrink

The gap has fallen from 3.7% in February 2012 to 2.1%. Swiss CPI is rising on monthly basis, but still negative with 0.3% YoY.

Latest Swiss Inflation Details

Switzerland’s Slow Way to Inflation

UPDATE February 2013 inflation data: The inflation figures for February showed the upwards movement we expected. On monthly basis inflation rose by 0.3%. The Swiss CPI is getting closer and closer to the one of the euro zone.   We explain the...

Why is the Swiss safe-haven so completely different from the Yen ?

4 future scenarios for the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen For many people it is astonishing that the Swiss franc continuously rises against the euro, especially when markets are up. Is the CHF no safe-haven any more ? This year the Japanese yen has...

Swiss Inflation, GDP, Monetary Base between 1974 and 2000

  Some background statistics on the Swiss monetary policy in the 1970s from Swiss Monetary Targeting 1974-1996: The role of internal policy analysis.   More details and monthly data on inflation here.