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Monetary Metals Publishes Eighth Annual Gold Outlook Report

Scottsdale, AZ – March 12, 2024 Monetary Metals has released its eighth annual Gold Outlook Report. The report features Monetary Metals’ award-winning economic analysis and their price forecasts for gold and silver in 2024.  

The report makes a case against the mainstream notion that inflation continues to be the primary driver of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy. Instead, they provide mechanical analysis supported by decades of data that suggest the Federal Reserve must cut rates eventually. The only question is “when,” not “if.”  

You can download a free copy of the Gold Outlook report here.  

A central theme of the research revolves around the likely impact of interest rate cuts on precious metals prices. The report includes price forecasts for both gold and silver in 2024, and a review of last year’s price predictions. Monetary Metals’ unique precious metals analysis incorporates a proprietary data model that generates a “fundamental” price for both gold and silver. Keith Weiner, Founder and CEO, explains, 

“The model attempts to back out the effect of the leveraged speculators in the futures market, to calculate what the price of metal would be if physical metal only was clearing.”  

Weiner provides firsthand confirmation of many of the report’s conclusions, drawing from his presentations on gold and monetary policy in the US and across the globe.   

“We have a market where Western selling of physical [gold] is more than matched by Eastern buying. …This will either be resolved by Eastern capitulation or by a resumption of Western appetite.” 

With the gold price recently making another all-time high, the publication of this report is timely. The Monetary Metals Gold Outlook Report 2024 is available for free download. Previous reports are available on their site.  


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