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Monetary Metals Completes Latest Capital Raise

Monetary Metals® has recently closed a $4.5 million equity capital raise, bringing the total funds raised to over $8.5 million. The goal of the capital raise is to support the company to scale up.
This round was oversubscribed, like all previous rounds. The company aimed to raise $3 million.

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Ask Keith Anything, Part III

Welcome to the third installment of our Ask Keith Anything video series. We published the call for questions far and wide to our readership, and the response was overwhelming! We received questions from all over the world. Now we’ve published the results! In this episode, Keith answers your questions on Bitcoin,  supply chain bottlenecks, banking, book recommendations, the gold and silver markets and so much more!

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AKA Part I

Thanks for all of those great questions you submitted! Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and are subscribed to our YouTube Channel so you can submit question and check out all of our audio articles, media appearances, podcasts episodes and more.

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Episode 25: The Origins and Machinations of the Federal Reserve

This week’s episode of the Gold Exchange Podcast explores the topic of Central Banks, most notably the US Federal Reserve. Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner explores why the Fed was created and what deleterious effects it has on our economy including inflation, boom bust cycles and monetary debasement in this recorded talk given to investment bankers.
In this talk Keith discusses:

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Episode Transcript
John Flaherty:Hello, again, and welcome to the Gold Exchange Podcast. Today’s episode is a presentation Keith gave on the Federal Reserve and its impact on financial markets. His audience was an investment banking firm who requested this presentation. Keith covered a wide range of topics including how the Federal Reserve contributes to the boom-bust cycle. We hope you

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Mickey Fulp Interview: Investing in Interest-Bearing Gold Bonds

Mickey Fulp, aka the Mercenary Geologist, interviewed Monetary Metals’ CEO Keith Weiner to discuss the maturity of Monetary Metals’ recent gold bond. Gold bonds are denominated in gold, with principal and interest payable in gold.
Mickey and Keith have a wide ranging discussion which covers the history of gold as money in the United States, including the history of gold bonds, which were commonplace until 1933.

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