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Swiss Producer and Import Price Index in December 2022: +3.2 percent YoY, -0.7 percent MoM


The Producer and Import Price Index fell in December 2022 by 0.7% compared with the previous month, reaching 108.5 points (December 2020 = 100). Compared with December 2021, the price level of the whole range of domestic and imported products rose by 3.2%. Average annual inflation in 2022 reached +5.6%. These are the results from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

Average annual inflation for 2022 corresponds to the rate of change between the annual average for 2022 and that for 2021. The annual average is equal to the arithmetic mean of the 12 monthly indices of the calendar year. In 2022, average annual inflation was +5.6%. This increase was due in particular to higher prices for petroleum products. Petroleum and natural gas also became more expensive, as did basic metals and semi-finished metal products, chemical products and metal products. In contrast, prices fell for pharmaceutical products. While the prices of domestic producers rose by 3.8%, import prices rose by 9.2%. In 2021, average annual inflation was +2.7%, while in 2020 it was –3.0%.

Switzerland Producer Price Index (PPI) YoY, December 2022

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Switzerland Producer Price Index (PPI) YoY, December 2022

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The Producer Price index registered falling prices compared with the previous month, particularly for petroleum products, basic metals and semi-finished metal products. In contrast, builders’ and interiors’ joinery and other food products showed price increases. In particular, petroleum and natural gas as well as petroleum products were responsible for the decline in the Import Price index compared with November 2022. Falling prices were also seen for pharmaceutical preparations, basic iron, steel and green coffee. On the other hand, motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts, computers, non-ferrous metals and products made therefrom, as well as leather and related products became more expensive.

Download press release: Producer and Import Price Index with average annual inflation of +5.6% in 2022

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