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An Incriminating Piece in the JFK Assassination Puzzle


My immediate reaction to the National Archives’ very limited release of a few of the CIA’s JFK-assassination records is this: I’m not interested in seeing what they’re releasing. I’m interested in seeing what they’re still hiding. 

However, there was at least one document that they recently released that is incriminating. It’s a document that the CIA published on the Sunday morning after the assassination. It is entitled “SUMMARY of Relevant Information on Lee Harvey Oswald at 0700 on 24 November 1963.” You can read it here.

The first thing to notice about that particular document is that there is no way that “national security” would have been threatened if the document had been released back in the 1990s or 2017. 

That means two things. 

First, the CIA lied to the ARRB in the 1990s and then to President Trump in 2017 when it claimed that the release of that document would threaten “national security.”

Second, there had to be another reason why the CIA considered it important to keep that document secret from the American people.

I would invite readers to watch the video presentation that I delivered at our online conference last spring. The conference was entitled “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination.” The videos from that conference are posted in the multimedia section of FFF’s website. My talk was entitled, “Regime Change: The JFK Assassination.”

In my talk, I stated that the national-security establishment’s overall plot to regime-change Kennedy had two principal components to it, one brilliant and the other absolutely ingenious. 

An Incriminating Piece in the JFK Assassination Puzzle

The brilliant part entailed framing a communist or, better yet, a U.S. agent who had been trained to be a communist infiltrator of communist organizations or communist nations. Why a communist? Because by that time, the national-security establishment had indoctrinated most every American into hating and fearing communists, especially those who were connected to Russia. Thus, once people discovered that a “communist” had supposedly killed their president, no one would come to his defense or believe anything he said.

The ingenious part of the plot entailed coming up with a way to get the investigation shut down immediately, to ensure that it wouldn’t lead to the plotters. 

After all, this was the assassination of a U.S. president, the highest public official in the land. Everyone knows what happens if someone assassinates a cop, a DEA agent, or a federal judge. They go after everyone involved with all guns blaring, with investigations into the assassination lasting weeks or even months. With the assassination of a U.S. president, the assassins could expect the entire investigative might of the federal government, as well as that of state and local governments, to come down on everyone involved in the plot.

Yet, on Monday, November 25, 1963 — only 3 days after the assassination — Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach sent out one of the most remarkable memoranda in the history of  U.S. criminal justice. The memo said that it was imperative to shut down the Kennedy assassination investigation immediately and convince the American people that Kennedy had been killed by one man, Lee Harvey Oswald. You can read the memo here.

How could Katzenbach know that, after only three days of investigation? There is no possibility that he could have known that. A full investigation into a presidential assassination would take at least several weeks and, more likely, many months.

So, why did he take that position? The reason is because the plotters had arranged things to create the appearance that nuclear war with the Soviet Union was imminent. They made it look like the only way to avoid nuclear war was to shut down the investigation into who killed Kennedy.

Just after Kennedy was declared dead, two of the treating physicians at Parkland Hospital, Dr. Malcolm Perry and Dr. Kemp Clark, held a press conference. During the conference, Perry emphasized three times that the throat wound had the appearance of a frontal shot. 

When he entered Trauma Room One at Parkland, another treating physician, Dr. Robert McClelland, went to the head of the gurney on which Kennedy was lying. He immediately noticed a massive exit-sized hole in the back of Kennedy’s head. He summoned the other treating physicians, who also saw it. At that point, they all knew that it was a fatal wound. 

That massive exit-sized wound in the back of Kennedy’s head implied another shot from the front. Thus, Kennedy had been hit by two shots from the front: one that hit him in the throat and one that exited the back of his head with a massive blowout hole.

The $64,000 question: If you’re going to frame someone who is purportedly firing from the rear, why have shots fired from the front? That’s pretty stupid, right? Actually, it’s ingenious. 

Here is the scenario: You have a communist firing from the rear. But he’s not a stand-alone communist. Instead, he has confederates firing from the front.

Who could those confederates be? 

That’s where Oswald’s trip to Mexico City came into play. Either Oswald (or someone portraying Oswald) visited the Soviet and Cuban Embassies in Mexico City shortly before the assassination. In the Soviet Embassy, he is purported to have visited with a man named Valery Kostikov, who played a major role in the Soviet assassination program.

Thus, instead of a stand-alone communist firing from the rear, you now have a communist who is connected to the Soviet Union and Cuba who has confederates firing from the front. There can be no mistake about it: President Kennedy has been assassinated by the Reds.

That means that once the American people discover this, they will demand retaliation. Retaliation means bombing Havana and Moscow in the attempt to kill their leaders. That necessarily means all-out nuclear war. 

Therefore, to avoid nuclear war, there is but one choice: Settle for pinning the crime on Oswald, who is quickly killed, and do not pursue the course of action that will lead to all-out nuclear war. 

What would President Johnson have said if someone were to ask him:  Why not go after the communists for killing Kennedy? He would have had the perfect answer: “Those Kennedy boys were doing everything they could to get rid of Castro. The CIA, also known as Murder Inc., was repeatedly trying to assassinate Castro. The Kennedy boys got burned at their own game. The Reds got to them first. We are not going to nuclear war over what the Kennedy boys were doing to Castro.”

What does that recently released CIA document have to do with all this? It provided Johnson with a written document two days after the assassination establishing Oswald’s connection to the Soviet and Cuban Embassies.  Notice that Kostikov is mentioned in the very first part of the document. Johnson now had in his hand written confirmation that the United States was facing the imminent danger of nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Johnson could now show that document to whatever federal officials would need to see it in order to get the investigation shut down immediately. That’s the only logical explanation as to why Katzenbach would send his memo out the following day that called for immediately shutting down the investigation and settling for pinning the crime on Oswald. In fact, it is the only logical explanation as to why FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover reached the same conclusion the day before — on Sunday, November 24 — the same day of the CIA report. 

All that was needed to be done after that was to convince the American people that there had been no shots fired from the front. That’s where the national-security establishment’s fraudulent autopsy came into play. See my two books The Kennedy Autopsy and The Kennedy Autopsy 2.

Do you see now why the CIA is loathe to release the thousands of JFK-assassination related records it is still hiding? 

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Jacob G. Hornberger
Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation.
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