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Two Junior Miners Offering Arbitrage Opportunities – an Interview with Jayant Bhandari

Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable Interviews Jayant Bhandari

Maurice Jackson of Proven & Probable has just conducted another interview with Jayant Bhandari, who is known to long-time readers as a frequent guest author on this site.

Two Junior Miners Offering Arbitrage Opportunities – an Interview with Jayant Bhandari

Jayant Bhandari

Below is a video of the interview as well as a link for downloading the transcript of the interview in PDF form. But first here is a list of the topics discussed:


  1. The recent confrontation between India and Pakistan.
  2. A reassessment of US president Trump
  3. Should investors speculate in commodities? If so, how to best go about it?
  4. Gold and silver as wealth protectors
  5. Two arbitrage opportunities in junior miners
  6. A brief introduction to Capitalism and Morality (the next meeting is in August)
  7. General remarks on investment philosophy

Maurice Jackson interviews Jayant Bhandari

And here is the download link for the transcript (PDF)


Full story here Are you the author?
Pater Tenebrarum
Pater Tenebrarum is an independent analyst and economist/social theorist. He has been involved with financial markets in various capacities for 39 years and currently writes economic and market analyses for independent research organizations and a European hedge fund consultancy as well as being the main author of the acting-man blog.
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