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Switzerland Unemployment January 2017: Up to 3.7 percent from 3.5 percent, seasonally adjusted unchanged at 3.3 percent


Unemployment Rate (not seasonally adjusted)

According to the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) surveys, 164,466 unemployed were registered at the Regional Employment Centers (RAV) at the end of January 2017, 5,094 more than in the previous month. The unemployment rate thus rose from 3.5% in December 2016 to 3.7% in the reporting month.





Switzerland Unemployment Rate Not Seasonally Adjusted January 2017

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Seasonally adjusted Unemployment Rate

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained the same at 3.3%.


Switzerland Unemployment Rate Seasonally Adjusted, January 2017

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Number of unemployed and Job seekers

Compared to the previous month, unemployment rose by 822 persons (+ 0.5%).

Job search in January 2017

A total of 226’861 vacancies were registered, 3,448 more than in the previous month. Compared to the same period of the previous year, this figure rose by 4’110 persons (+ 1.8%).


Youth unemployment in January 2017

Youth unemployment (15 to 24 year olds) rose by 566 persons (+ 2.9%) to 19’782. Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to a decrease of 1’398 persons (-6.6%).


Reported vacancies in January 2017

The number of vacancies reported to RAV increased by 1,455 to 11,094 posts.

Temporary Employment in November 2016

In November 2016, 6’204 persons were affected by short-time work, 255 fewer persons (-3.9%) than in the previous month. The number of holdings decreased by 21 units (-3.6%) to 565. The lost working hours decreased by 34’276 (-9.2%) to 338’224 hours. In the corresponding period of the previous year (November 2015) 374’726 hours of waiting had been registered, which had spread to 6’349 persons in 611 companies.


People Exiting the Labor Force

According to the provisional figures of the unemployment insurance funds, the number of persons who had exhausted their right to unemployment compensation during the month of November 2016 amounted to 3,399 persons.

Switzerland, Number of Employed and Number of Job Seekers, January 2017

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About SECO
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO SECO is the federal government`s centre of excellence for all core issues relating to economic and labour market policy. It is our aim to contribute to sustained economic growth, high employment and fair working conditions, by creating the necessary regulatory, economic and foreign policy framework.
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