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Statistics on tourist accommodation in March 2016: Increase in overnight stays during March 2016


Statistics on tourist accommodation in March 2016


 06.05.2016 09:15  – FSO, Tourism (0353-1604-80)


Increase in overnight stays during March 2016

Neuchâtel, 06.05.2016 (FSO) – The Swiss hotel industry registered 3.2 million overnight stays in March 2016, which corresponds to a growth of 5.7% (+170,000 overnight stays) compared with March 2015. Domestic visitors recorded 1.5 million overnight stays, representing an increase of 8.9% (+123,000). Foreign demand registered 1.7 million overnight stays, i.e. an increase of 2.9% (+47,000). In 2016, the Easter weekend took place during the last week of March, whereas in 2015 it fell at the beginning of April. This should be borne in mind for the interpretation of data. These are provisional results from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

The cumulative number of overnight stays from January to March 2016 was 8.8 million. This represents a decrease of 0.7% (-60,000 overnight stays) compared with the same period a year earlier. Foreign visitors registered 4.5 million overnight stays, i.e. a decline of 3.4% (-156,000 overnight stays). With a total of 4.3 million overnight stays, domestic demand posted a gain of 2.3% (+96,000).


Switzerland: Number of overnight stays in Switzerland

Hotels und Kurbetriebe Monatliche Entwicklung der Logiernächte Number of overnight stays in Switzerland

Number of overnight stays in Switzerland, click to enlarge

(post updated with June 2016 data)


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The Swiss Federal Statistics Office publishes information on the situation and developments in Switzerland in a multitude of fields and plays a part in enabling comparisons at an internal level.
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