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Cryptocurrencies – the investment opportunity of a lifetime (Bitcoin) – Deutsche Untertitel

In this conversation Raoul Pal, CEO and cofounder of Real Vision, joins Marc Friedrich to discuss inflation, monetary policy and Bitcoin among many other topics.
Raoul Pal spent his entire career as a successful macro investor, retired at an early age, and is one of the most prolific investor voices on Twitter.

He is known and famours for his popular term “going irresponsibly long Bitcoin,”.
In this conversation, Raoul Pal, breaks down why Central Banks and their failed policies will drive up Bitcoin's price to unimaginable levels and why he expects the largest technology transformation in the history of mankind.

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Matthias Weik und Marc Friedrich
Impressive talk by bestselling authors Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik on the causes, effects and consequences of the financial crisis, as well as other highly charged topics. The audience was successfully prompted to engage critically with existing habits of thought and action, and to think outside the box.
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