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Lyn Alden & Jeff Snider: US economy, Eurodollar System, Dollar, Digital Currency, Gold (RCS EP 94)


Interview original date: September 11th, 2020

Topics- Can we fix the US economy without fixing the eurodollar system? For a long run solution we would need to change the system. US Dollar, foreign currencies, production, Dollar as World Reserve Currency, foreign currencies devaluation. What would a new system look like? Digital Currency, Blockchain, a currency that’s not bank-centered. Transition to a multipolar world pricing/commodity pricing: some countries are no longer dollar-based, geopolitical changes/tensions, neutral settlements: gold, partially inflation-adjusted assets in the Central Bank’s balance sheet.

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Jeffrey P. Snider
Jeffrey P. Snider is the head of Global Investment Research of Alhambra Investment Partners (AIP). Jeffrey was 12 years at Atlantic Capital Management where he anticipated the financial crisis with critical research. His company is a global investment adviser, hence potential Swiss clients should not hesitate to contact AIP
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