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People Don’t Account For Wastish Growth Charles Hugh Smith

At Wealthion, we talked about the current state of copper mining and how it has changed over time. It mentions that boulders are no longer being mined and instead weaker dilute grades of copper are being targeted. TExtracting copper has become more expensive and difficult compared to the past. The Canyon Mine in Utah is used as an example of this.
Two drivers of growth in the last 40 years: financialization and globalization. Financialization refers to the increasing importance of financial markets and financial instruments in the economy. Globalization refers to the increasing interconnectedness of economies and societies around the world.

Watch this full video to know how these drivers are related to copper mining or why they are important.

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Charles Hugh Smith
At readers' request, I've prepared a biography. I am not confident this is the right length or has the desired information; the whole project veers uncomfortably close to PR. On the other hand, who wants to read a boring bio? I am reminded of the "Peanuts" comic character Lucy, who once issued this terse biographical summary: "A man was born, he lived, he died." All undoubtedly true, but somewhat lacking in narrative.
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