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Are We About to Get a Rally? / Three Minutes on Markets & Money (9/22/20)

NOTE: In response to viewers' requests, we are adding the audio version of our popular "Three Minutes on Markets & Money" to our podcast offerings. You can watch the video version of this report by subscribing to our YouTube channel (see link below). (9/22/20) Money flows are turning positive; a rally-up to resistance could provide opportunity to reduce risk; markets are over-sold on weekly- and daily-basis; dollar has begun to make a bottom, and not moving higher. -------- Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts -------- Articles mentioned in this report: -------- Get more info & commentary: -------- SUBSCRIBE to The Real Investment Show here: -------- Visit our Site: Contact Us: 1-855-RIA-PLAN -------- Subscribe to RIA Pro: -------- Connect with us on social:
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Lance Roberts
Finally, financial news that makes sense. Lance Roberts, the host of "StreetTalkLive", has a unique ability to bring the complex world of economics, investing and personal financial wealth building to you in simple, easy and informative ways but also makes it entertaining to listen to at the same time.
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  1. Mohamed Taha

    Please add this market minutes to google podcast in Real investment show. Also, please add episodes of real investment show on google podcasts early when it is published on youtube because you upload the podcast late after the market open for several hours

    1. The Real Investment Show

      Hello, Mohamed–we have begun posting the audio from the Three Minute pieces to our podcast platforms, iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc.
      They are posted as soon as editing can be completed on the video side…some mornings, sooner than others. Appreciate your suggestion and patience with us!

    2. Mohamed Taha

      @The Real Investment Show But I couldn't found the three minutes on Google podcast. I only found the Real investment show full episode

  2. dj email

    I'm subscribed to this channel and always receive notifications for the full show. But I only receive notifications for approximately one third of the 3 minute videos. For example, I didn't receive notification for this video.

    1. The Real Investment Show

      Hello, DJ–I'm sorry you're not receiving all of the notifications from this channel, and I don't really have a good answer for you. That is a function of YouTube and all of its mysteries. We've not been doing anything any differently on our end, as far as video uploads go. Unfortunately, the error you describe is beyond our control.

    2. dj email

      @The Real Investment Show Ok, thanks for your reply.

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