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Protect Your Savings Alternatives to Cash on Deposit – Top Tips from Jill Kerby

In this 40 minute session, Jill Kerby, one of Ireland’s leading authorities on personal finance will advise on how to protect your savings.

Inflation is eroding the value of all cash on deposit. Also, with the recent banking crisis in Cyprus and the threat of deposit confiscation now on the table among EU finance leaders, it is timely that Jill will advise on the alternatives so that you are best placed to protect your hard earned savings.

Jill doesn’t need much of an introduction. She is one of Ireland’s best known personal finance journalists. She writes weekly columns for The Sunday Times, has a weekly syndicated column, “MoneyTimes” in nine regional newspapers and is co-author of the best-selling ‘TAB Guide on Money Pensions and Tax’ and the ‘TAB Guide to Property’

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