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All You Need To Know About Silver In 60 Minutes with David Morgan and Mark O’Byrne March 13th 2013

Poor man’s gold, silver, continues to get no love with little or no coverage despite fundamentals that are arguably better than those for other assets, securities and even gold. Thus, GoldCore conducted a webinar yesterday (March 13th, 2013) with one of the leading silver experts in the world, Mr David Morgan.

The webinar was very well attended with participants from all over the world — by investors in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Due to the dearth of information and debate about silver, we decided on a question and answer format.

After receiving hundreds of questions, we chose 33 questions and organised them into key groups:

* Silver Price Rise? Record Prices & When to Sell?
* Silver Price Falls?
* Supply and Demand
* Manipulation
* Confiscation
* Asset Allocation / What To Own
* What To Buy?
* Where To Store?
Some of the questions asked by participants were:

* “Which is better, bars or coins?”
* “What are your views on confiscation of gold and silver in the United States with the coming collapse of the dollar?”
* “How are people able to manipulate the price of silver? Who are these people? Why do they want to do this?”

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GoldCore was founded in 2003 and has become one of the leading bullion brokers in the world for both delivery and storage.
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