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Learning from Tragic Venezuela Today – Store Gold Bullion In Safest Ways

– Store gold bullion in the safest ways possible and learn from Venezuela’s gold battle with the Bank of England and Trump’s White House

– What in the world is happening in Venezuela and to the people of Venezuela’s gold?

– How you store gold and invest in gold is vitally important in these uncertain times

As a sovereign nation, Venezuela should have the right to take possession of and sell their gold on the open market. As sovereign individuals, we should too.

It is a difficult issue as the recent election is in doubt and the concern is that the euros (or dollars) garnered by the sale of the people’s gold reserves may be squandered trying to prop up the Maduro government rather than looking after the humanitarian needs of the people of Venezuela.

Central banks are repatriating and taking possession of their gold and indeed buying gold today. This tragic story highlights the importance of all people owning gold in the safest ways possible.

We must all become our own central banks!

What are the ‘7 Key Gold & Silver Storage Must Haves’?

1. How to store gold bullion and the importance of owning individually segregated and allocated coins and bars

2. Can you visit, view and collect your bullion whenever you want and is liquidity and competitive pricing ensured?

3. Chain of integrity that ensures the authenticity of your store of gold bullion

4. Bailment and legal structures that best protects the investor

5. Risks inherent in ETF, electronic & digital gold (online gold platforms or bullion vaults)

6. Vital insurance considerations to know: Ensure that your bullion provider and its storage partners have adequate insurance cover

7. Can you visit, view and collect your gold bullion whenever you want and is liquidity and competitive pricing ensured?
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Mark O'Byrne
I founded GoldCore more than 10 years ago and it has been my passion and a huge part of my life ever since. I strongly believe that due to the significant macroeconomic and geopolitical risks of today, saving and investing a portion of one’s wealth in gold bullion is both wise and prudent.
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