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Bullion Banks Overstate LBMA Silver Holdings By 106 Million Troy Ounces.


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Today we will go over some bombshell news relating to the bullion banks and the silver market in London.

Ronan Manly of Bullion Star has done another great detective job of exposing the fraudulent nature of the LBMA market that seems to exist only to manipulate the price of gold and silver and keep investors from buying the metals.

LBMA misleads Silver Market with False Claims about Record Silver Stocks:

Wall Street Silver Reddit:

Wall Street Silver YouTube channel:

Keith Neumeyer interview with Kitco: &t=1s

BBC to air recording that implicates Bank of England in Libor scandal:


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Ronan Manly
Ronan Manly is an investment professional and research analyst with an interest in the monetary gold market. His career has taken him from Dublin to London, New York, and Frankfurt, in roles spanning portfolio management, stockbroking, and technology, working for companies including Dimensional Fund Advisors and Morgan Stanley. In his time, Ronan has collected various economic and finance degrees, most recently a Master's in Finance from London Business School.
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