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Jayant Bhandari – Socialism: A fraud that corrupts society (Capitalism & Morality Seminar 2010)

Jayant Bhandari, is an anarchist and has been running the “Capitalism and Morality Seminar” since 2010.

By profession he is an analyst and a value-investor. Over one year, he has been advising funds on investing in the junior mining space. This takes the form of helping them with taking a portfolio decision or analyzing a specific company in details or to quickly see if a company is worth looking into in more details.

Earlier, he was responsible for analyzing junior mining sector companies for one of the top natural resources funds, US Global Investors (San Antonio, Texas). In the course of 6 years with them, he analyzed over 800 exploration and mining companies, mostly listed on Canadian, American, Australian and London stock exchanges. Earlier he worked for a year with Casey Research, an investment publication house, assisting in analyzing exploration companies.

The Seminar held on 8 May 2010 (Vancouver, Canada)

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Jayant Bhandari
Jayant Bhandari grew up in India. He advises institutional investors on investing in the junior mining industry. He writes on political, economic and cultural issues for several publications. He is a contributing editor of the Liberty magazine. He runs a yearly seminar in Vancouver titled Capitalism & Morality.
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