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Koos Jansen Interview On German Financial TV

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Koos Jansen
Koos Jansen is a Precious Metals Analyst from the Netherlands. Koos mainly provides unique insights about the Chinese gold market.
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  1. Joshua Roberts

    schöne Arbeit die Erziehung der Deutsch Menschen, gut zu sehen, Ihre Arbeit immer ein breiteres Publikum (Goed werk het opleiden van het Duitse volk, goed om te zien uw werk krijgen van een breder publiek)

    1. Koos Jansen

      Awesome Google Translate skills Joshua. 

  2. thisisnotaarealname



    Koos I'm with you I bet the Chinese (pboc officially) has 3500 to 4500 tons of gold. They like you said could announce that to get into the SDR if they want. They could also have the citizens in a FDR fashion turn in their gold for a new yuan currency and that could put them close if not overtop of the U.S. Holdings. They could also gain credibility by showing their reserves and then challenge the U.S. To audit/ prove what they have. IMHO

    1. Koos Jansen

      Good thought.

  4. Nani Girl

    I wish I could hear this in English.   O Thank you I just noticed it. 

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