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Alan Grayson ‘Which Foreigners Got the Fed’s $500,000,000,000’ Bernanke ‘I Don’t Know ‘

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Koos Jansen
Koos Jansen is a Precious Metals Analyst from the Netherlands. Koos mainly provides unique insights about the Chinese gold market.
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  1. Finding the Others

    its not a handout, its a swap between cb's. whats not clear?

    1. Luca Siciliano

      Doubts will remain in relation to the ethics and moral basis for this type of decision making unless it is made explicit that the members of the conciliar body have been made to swear or affirm specific oaths.  I, for one, am not certain such oaths are contemplated.

  2. Tom Manley

    Wow it's stinks in this video. Crooks….all crooks!

  3. Silver Money .999

    Bernanke's voice was quivering a bit, almost like a child who was just caught stealing cookies.

    1. Ericka Watson

      Bernanke worked for the seven sisters first… The Oil Boss sent him!!

  4. Robert Stewart

    New Zealand is being being handled and manipulated by the CIA we have John Key Prime minister who is a CIA cooperative working in with Washington deliberately destabilizing the lower pacific,we are being set up for massive debt as many of our major essential services and assets have been sold off.

  5. loron lavoie

    Can you hear the fear in his voice?

  6. Ericka Watson

    But we can’t get 6 trillion in a pandemic…. Vote so they can’t finish this business!!!

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