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James Comey on emails, the “American giant” and the end of Donald Trump | The Economist Podcast

James Comey, former director of the FBI, spoke to Anne McElvoy, The Economist’s head of radio, for The Economist asks podcast. Timecoded chapters listed below:

Chapter One – James Comey on border separations
00:40 Economist asks about family separation policy
01:41 Economist asks about Melania Trump’s fashion choice
03:11 Economist asks about President Trump’s moral fitness
03:49 Economist asks about President Trump’s second term
05:24 Economist asks about President Trump’s official visit to the UK
07:05 Economist asks about Denuclearisation of Korean peninsula

Chapter Two – James Comey on the FBI investigation
07:25 Economist asks about FBI handling of Hilary Clinton emails
10:53 Economist asks about James Comey’s use of private emails
12:57 Economist asks how the FBI investigation impacted the election
14:46 Economist asks about James Comey’s political activism
18:14 Economist asks about the timing of the investigation
19:29 Economist asks about James Comey’s confidence in the Mueller investigation
21:02 Economist asks what is Robert Mueller like?
22:12 Economist asks was justice obstructed in James Comey’s firing?
24:25 Economist asks about political bias
26:25 Economist asks about President Trump testifying
28:19 Economist asks how does the FBI need to change?
29:12 Economist asks about Giuliani motivation
30:59 Economist asks is Russia culpable?

Chapter Three – James Comey on the end of Trump
31:22 Economist asks what would finally stain President Trump
32:25 Economist asks about the awakening of the American people
33:30 Economist asks is President Trump an illness in the political system
34:30 Economist asks about James Comey’s future
36:00 James Comey talks about what makes an ethical leader

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