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Is Your Gold and Silver Bullion S.A.F.E. ?

The Gold S.A.F.E. TEST - Goldnomics Episode 12

- It is now time to move to own actual physical gold coins and bars

- Become your own central bank and avoid ETF and online gold

- Take delivery and own gold and silver bullion in the S.A.F.E. way

Is Your Gold and Silver Bullion S.A.F.E. ?

Are your precious metals Segregated, Actionable, Flexible and what are the total Expenses?

- Are your gold and silver bullion Segregated (Fully segregated & allocated coins & bars)?

- Are your gold and silver investments Actionable, accessible, portable & directional?

- Do you have real Flexibility, liquidity and competitive prices with your gold and silver bullion and the ability to take delivery, transfer to third parties and sell easily to the global market?

- What are the Expenses and total costs to buy, sell, fabricate, segregate, take delivery or move to another provider? Are the expenses clear and transparent or have the expenses changed over the years or are they hidden in the small print? Can the provider arbitrarily change the pricing to buy, sell, store and take deliver?

Test Your Gold Exit and Be Sure It Is SAFE

Call your provider today and test if you can Take Delivery of a portion of your holding, then pull the trigger and do a test transfer. Take note of all limitations, time delays and unexpected costs.

Buy, Transfer & Store Gold and Silver in Zurich, Switzerland - Six Months Free Storage & Complimentary Silver Eagle

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If you want gold manipulation to end buy actual gold coins and bars and take delivery or own fully segregated etc

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Mark, Stephen and the GoldCore team
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