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Gold and Silver Are “Safe Haven Money” and Have Never Failed Throughout History – Silver Guru

– “I feel called to this … I feel it is my duty to educate as many people as possible”
– The Fed is engaged in “extend and pretend” but we are in the “end game”
– The gold silver ratio is headed “much much lower” – likely back to 30:1
– Only some $16 billion worth of above ground investment grade silver
– U.S. bonds are no longer safe due to negative yields and the risk of massive currency depreciation
– A small amount of diversification by retail, HNW, UHNW and institutional investors will propel undervalued silver much higher
– Is silver bullion being acquired by JP Morgan and interests in China, India and elsewhere?
– Did Warren Buffet’s silver acquisition in 1998 ultimately become the initial holdings in the silver ETF?
– Own precious metals for insurance and gains but do not over allocate
– Increase allocations now that prices remain low and decrease allocations when prices increase significantly
– Always keeping a core bullion coin and bar holding as life insurance
– Buy from a reputable gold and silver dealer and it makes sense for investors to own some precious metals internationally
– Is your gold and silver bullion S.A.F.E.? Watch video:

– Are your precious metals Segregated, Actionable, Flexible and what are the total Expenses?

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If you want gold manipulation to end buy actual gold coins and bars and take delivery or own fully segregated etc

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