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Gold prices are likely to go parabolic in the near future

#MichaelOliver and GoldCore TV host Dave Russell discuss the importance of analyzing momentum in technical analysis, with Oliver highlighting potential for a US stock market bubble and its impact on Fed policy, interest rates, and commodities. Oliver argues that the Fed's rate cut decision could lead to negative consequences such as a stock market bubble and drop in indices, noting how the collapse of the Japanese yen has created a new variable for the Fed to consider.

Gold highlights include:

#Gold prices are likely to go parabolic in the near future, potentially moving up by $1000 very rapidly.

Gold and other #monetarymetals like silver may become the only viable alternative for investors as other markets face challenges.

A crisis, particularly the breaking of the US stock market bubble, could lead to more countries adopting gold-backed currencies.

Gold's performance is anticipating potential monetary expansion by central banks in response to market troubles.
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