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How Much Gold Do I Need In My Portfolio

How Much Gold Do I Need In My Portfolio

Last week we saw, Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore, Mark O'Byrne of Health Wealth Gold, and Dave Russell of GoldCoreTV, discussing if it is possible to build the #perfectportfolio​ for the next 10 years by identifying the current megatrends that we are seeing emerging and suggesting how they might affect your portfolio.

In this episode of the #Goldnomics podcast, they address which elements they believe should be included in the portfolio in order to both protect you from and take advantage of these megatrends.
Given today's scenario, all three believe that everyone should re-evaluate their portfolio. As prudent investing would suggest not having all your eggs in precious metals, what other asset classes and assets should you be considering?

Mark's investment portfolio includes:

Precious metals - 64%, wherein he allocates 30% in gold, 30% in Silver, and 4% in platinum, but for him, this is not with regards to a 10-year view but more likely to be for 2 years, since he believes he would change the allocations in precious metals when they outperform other asset classes.

Stocks- He believes stocks should be a hedge against inflation and so he allocates 10% to equities. Although he prefers buying stocks in natural resources rather than buying S&P500 or the MSCI world index because this will always remain in demand.

Property- Mainly focusing on residential property, he allocates 10% and feels that there will be a growth in demand in this sector around the world.

Cash- Allocating 10% in cash is a bit high but he considers this as an opportunity to acquire other assets in time.

Cryptocurrencies- According to Mark, it is advisable to invest some amount in the crypto universe. He encourages everyone to learn more about this asset class and its technology and as a result, he put 3% in cryptocurrencies.

Trading- 3% is allocated in trading since he believes trading is another good option for enhancing yield

Stephen's Investment Portfolio

Precious metals- 10%, within this he allocates 75% to gold and 25% to silver since silver is more volatile. He further discusses the pros and cons of precious metals investing.

Cash- In his opinion it is good to have 5% of your portfolio for cash and also suggests having it in different currencies.

Stocks- He gives 25% to stocks, but believes it is important to look at the changing demographics. As a result, he is investing in healthcare, technology & blockchain.

Property & Bonds- Together it consists 45% of your portfolio. According to him, the property market is a tangible asset and it is good to have a certain share dedicated to the property market.

Even though bonds are overvalued, he sees opportunities in the peer-to-peer lending markets.

Speculation - He allocates 15% to speculating on things like bitcoin and others. However, he warns that this should be done only with money you can afford to lose.

Dave's Pension Portfolio

Stocks- He allocated 40% in stocks and identified 4 key areas where is going to invest. First is resources, then renewable energy, freshwater, and the fourth are the dividend aristocrats.

Property via fund- He allocates 20%, keeping in mind the nature of this portfolio which is for the pension holder, he wants to make it hassle-free so he would invest via funds

Bonds- Since the Western bond markets won't perform well in the coming inflationary environment for fixed income he is looking East to China. So he putting 10% in Chinese bonds.

Precious metals- He allocates 30% wherein he gives 25% to gold and 75% to silver, as he believes the silver market fundamentals will continue to be favourable in coming years.

Lastly, he mentions that in his portfolio there's no allocation for cryptos since he's not a huge fan of this.

You can watch the previous #Goldnomics podcast on How to Build a Long Term Portfolio: For the Next 10 Years here:

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