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Future of Silver and Gold: The Global Reset- Jim Willie

The Future of Silver and Gold:The Global Reset- Jim Willie.

#JimWillie is back on GoldCore TV! Jim believes that COVID-19 may pave the way for the great currency reset or "The Global Reset", with serious implications for the gold and silver markets as well as the wider economic and societal implications.

What is the great reset? What is going to change? How do we prepare for it? In this episode, Jim Willie shares his unique opinions on #GlobalCurrencyReset as well as the future of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and much more.

Significantly, one important outcome of the currency reset he foresees, is a rise in silver and gold prices. He believes that silver should rally strongly, potentially more so than gold. This could be a trigger to send the gold/silver much ratio lower. Ultimately Jim's target for the gold/silver ratio is 30:1 which he believes will be achieved in a number of stages. First target is 50:1 which could be achieved with a rally in the gold price to $2,500 and a $50 silver price target!

Jim expects a breakdown in the COMEX silver contract as it no longer serves as a mechanism for price discovery even in the COMEX gold contract. It now is just about market manipulation and control.

He has no faith in US inflation data that is produced and says that it is distorted and that it distorts economic growth figure like GDP. He believes that this hides the fact that the US economy has in fact shrunk over the last decade rather than grown.

Jim Willie is a big fan of crypto tokens, particularly favouring the Theta coin. He believes that Theta is going to redefine the internet and that the next generation internet is going to be built by the components of Theta for video streaming and many more...

If you want to learn more about Jim Willie and his work visit his website:

00:00 - Intro
00:42 - All financial markets are broken
03:53 - Yield Curve Control
05:03 - Rising inflation
07:06 - Rising stock markets, rising bond yields, money printing and much more...
11:06 - Massive rally in cryptocurrency market
14:40 - Why Silver is going to cause the breakdown, not GOLD!
16:24 - There is no price discovery in silver market anymore, just CONTROL
21:36 - Idea of currency resetting
25:11 - How to prepare for the Global Reset
30:11 - Gold/Silver Ratio
33:32 - Final thoughts...

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