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David Attenborough talks about his new Netflix film | The Economist Podcast

Sir David Attenborough is about about to release his latest film—on Netflix. The 93-year old tells Economist Radio's Anne McElvoy about “A Life On Our Planet”, as well as offering his opinions on President Trump, Greta Thunberg and eating meat.

00:00 Sir David Attenborough’s career and new film
01:22 What's Chernobyl got to do with climate change?
02:51 Criticisms of being late to address climate change
03:51 Sir David’s first memory of climate change
04:29 Getting the tone of “A Life on Our Planet” right
05:39 Could he convince President Trump on climate change?
07:10 Have his programmes changed public opinion?
08:22 Sir David’s eco-friendly lifestyle changes
09:48 Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg
11:10 Will he ever retire?

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  1. Sudhan Mahat


  2. zukacs

    1:33 immediate evacuation

    SSR comrades have left the chat

  3. Majid Hussain

    Who else came here just to listen to Sir David Attenborough’s iconic voice?

  4. Pids Me

    He is gonna live 200 yrs. The man is a big tree in the forest.

  5. Michael Candelaria

    This guy is amazing!

  6. Jamie arnott

    What a patronising and condescending interviewer

  7. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis L

    He’s one remarkable human

  8. Henricus Peters

    Sir David has it ‘right on the money’ – humanity is causing a ‘bang’ of environmental destruction and Chernobyl is emblematic of the issue. We – all of us – must act and now.

  9. Gedro

    Flying around the world, while lecturing everyone on climate change…ok…👍

    1. dgr8oneme

      Still better than evangelicalism

    2. Gedro

      @dgr8oneme Hi dgr8oneme, please elucidate.

  10. dgr8oneme

    When I am 93 I just want myself to be able to think straight. This man on the other hand is still working!

  11. julio1c1saga

    Excellent interview! Thank you very much!

  12. julio1c1saga

    Sir David A. knows he has to concentrate on the content of the message and not on the messenger nor on the infinite speculation around her, her personality, her flaws, family, etc. And yes, I am talking about Greta. Thunberg, her message is legit no matter what they say.

  13. jaikishan patil

    Sir David Attenborough is truly a legend. His certainly has inspired millions like me to know, learn, respect and love the natural biological wonders.
    That knowledge, affection and inspiration is most needed now to save our planet from ourselves.

  14. Raju Das

    The voice

  15. Da_ostrich Yeet

    When Sir David Attenborough talks, we listen 🌎

  16. Kevin Webb

    I sincerely hope he never questions whether he moved anyone, or had an impact.

  17. Michael Bishop

    Some very questionable positions and justifications

  18. rayanaman

    I particularly liked how he recognises that some people cannot be changed.

  19. amursiberia

    i majored in geography because of Sir David.

  20. Mallam

    Reporter: Is it true that David Attenborough is dead?
    David's daughter: No, as far as I know. He wasn't five minutes ago.

    I love the British people's sense of humour.

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