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Donald Trump needs redemption, says an American Christian conservative | The Economist

The Republican Party is at war with itself. Abigail Skeans, a evangelical Christian and conservative, discusses the current state of politics, and where the American Right goes from here

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“I’m Abigail Skeans, I’m a Christian evangelical and I identify as conservative. My faith is everything to me. it’s the reason that I wanted to go into politics and be someone who is an active citizen. It’s the reason that I work on behalf of children and women and working class families. I also worked on the John McCain campaign during college.”

“When I first entered political engagement I did feel like the Republican Party was a place where I could best express my values. Now I don’t identify as much, especially with the candidate that we have now who takes open shots at people who can’t defend themselves.”

“Donald Trump is a person who is in need of grace and is in need of redemption. The effect that Donald Trump has had is it’s made us more comfortable with otherising each other. There’s more division and more polarisation because of the way he pits people against one another.”

“It’s made us comfortable with not having civility and that’s not a good place for the country to be and it’s definitely not a place that aligns with evangelical values.”

“The conservative media and other places – we fed this kind of polarising rhetoric. All of that fed in to an understanding of how we
were going to elect a candidate in 2016, and here we are with someone who swooped in and said ‘I’m your saviour'”.

“I don’t think that Trump leaving the party would be enough to fix it. He is not the core of the problem. I would say it’s actually this spirit of feeling disconnected. I think to get the Republican Party back we need to think about the values we hold dear, start building a platform and building issues out around those values. It is a time for us to take stock and to understand maybe where we went wrong as a movement and try to prioritise what’s important”.

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