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Dimitri Speck: Money Printing Always Leads To Inflation, March 2019

Mr. Speck, experienced market analyst, author, and founder of Seasonax, goes into great detail on how after years of money printing and gold price suppression by the western central banks, the perfect storm for gold is brewing and just over the horizon. He also shares his thoughts on the best way to invest in metals to protect the prudent investor. From “The Future of Gold Conference”, March 2019.

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Dimitri Speck
Dimitri Speck specializes in pattern recognition and trading systems development. He publishes the website, which features free-of-charge seasonal charts for interested investors. In his book The Gold Cartel (see link on the right hand side), commodities expert Dimitri Speck discusses gold price manipulation and modern-day credit excess. His commodities trading strategy Stay-C has won awards all over Europe. He is the publisher of the web site Seasonal Charts as well as of the Bloomberg app Seasonax.
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