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How Citizens and States are Restoring Sound Money With JP Cortez

JP Cortez of the Sound Money Defense League makes the case for gold and silver being more accessible to the citizens in the Unites States. He states that the American dollar is dying, while the government simultaneously discourages the purchase of precious metals through unnecessary taxation.

JP also discusses how grassroots efforts are the best solution to restoring sound money.

00:00 Introduction
01:22 What is Sound Money?
03:27 Sound Money Defense League
04:19 Removing Sales Tax on Precious Metals
05:40 Ending Capital Gains Tax on Precious Metals
06:54 Grassroots Pressure
10:55 Pro-Sound Money Legislation
11:27 Defensive Victories
13:36 Sound Money Index
14:30 Best States on Sound Money

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About Jp Cortez
Jp Cortez
Jp Cortez is a graduate of Auburn University, a current law school student, and a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a Mises University alumnus. He is the Assistant Director of the Sound Money Defense League, an organization which is working to bring back gold and silver as America's constitutional money.
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