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Tribal India Can’t Be Fixed. Savagery and Barbarism is Inevitable. Jayant Bhandari Discusses

In our interview with Jayant Bhandari, he tells us that, "3rd World countries and especially India are imploding and falling in tribal units which means war in inevitable."

This video is an extract from an interview with Jayant Bhandari, investor and analyst, and Crux Investor.

We ask him about his investment strategies and philosophies. And he tells us it is about understanding human behaviour.

In this extract, Jayant tells us his thoughts about the politics and nationalism holding back his home country of India; and his beliefs about the future of '3rd world' countries such as Pakistan, Syria, Venezuela...And why nationalism & fanaticism will lead them to certain financial and moral decline reverting them to a new dark ages; His wish for a return to the colonial past and if Donald Trump can bring sanity to India.

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Jayant Bhandari
Jayant Bhandari grew up in India. He advises institutional investors on investing in the junior mining industry. He writes on political, economic and cultural issues for several publications. He is a contributing editor of the Liberty magazine. He runs a yearly seminar in Vancouver titled Capitalism & Morality.
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