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Gold Hits All Time Highs & Smart Investing With Jayant Bhandari

With gold hitting all time highs, now is the time for smart investing! In today’s video, we talk with prominent investor Jayant Bhandari and CEO of Atico Mining Fernando Ganoza to get their take on gold, gold mining, making smart investments, Atico's future and more.

1:20 Gold Price All Time High

2:24 The Future of Gold

6:15 Contrarian Investing

8:15 Economic Growth Factors

9:45 Bull Market Greed

11:00 Protecting Against Risk

16:30 Investor Networking

17:55 Fernando Ganoza Atico Mining

The price of gold has exploded in recent months soaring over $2000 per ounce and reaching its all time high price. With this historic run up in gold, the metal is now up over 70% in the last 2.5 years. And with Central banks around the world printing fiat currencies en masse, this could be just the start of a new gold standard. Yields all around the world are low and investors are looking for safe haven assets to protect their wealth.

Money printing is destroying wealth creation all around the world and this will give rise to much higher gold prices. Of course, nothing goes up in a straight line not even gold.

With a virtual coup currently happening in the United States, the price of gold could soar even higher in the coming months. Far left wing establishments want to destroy the institutions of the western world particularly those in the US. If they succeed, gold will gain much more importance. Without the US the world will become an extremely unstable place. And as the US fails, societies around the world will be buying gold as a way to protect their wealth.

Investing in gold can take on multiple forms. Physical gold can be bought in the way of gold bars and gold coins. Gold ETF(Exchange Traded Funds) stocks can be purchased on stock exchanges. And shares of companies that mine gold can also be bought on the stock markets. These companies come in various sizes which offer investors many different types of investment vehicles. From large gold mining companies to mid size and junior mining companies, there is no wrong way to invest in gold. But there are bad companies that can leave an investor high and dry.

Looking for deep value, which something that is cheaper in price than what the value is, is a part of any good investment strategy. And understanding economic factors both macro and micro around the world can help to understand how to smartly invest money.

Most people enter into markets during the peak of the bull run euphoria. These are called late bulls and they don’t typically follow sound investment advice. They FOMO into investments when smart investors are holding from much lower prices or are already selling. They do this Instead of analyzing the companies and doing proper research to learn how to invest properly. Buy high and sell low is the saying but human psychology plays a trick on investors which runs counter to this philosophy.

Before making any investment decisions, its wise to ask what can go wrong and how can money be lost? When downside risk is protected, along with something that can return a profitable ROI then the ideal investment has been found.

All of the best companies in the world have one thing in common, great management. Management are the people who make things happen. Great managers propel the best companies upward by doing many things that help growth.

Notes on Atico Mining Corporation

2 Projects as assets:

El Roble Mine in Columbia - High Grade Copper and Gold

La Plata mine in Ecuador - Gold Rich Sulfite Deposit Exploration Project

Atico Mining is currently trying to become a mid tier gold producer and while the stock is up over 100% in the last month, Fernando believes there is much more to come. Catalysts include Drilling at La Plata in Ecuador - A fully backed visibility study in the near future via with the first half of a drill program that shows a high grade of resources located at La Plata. The second half of the drilling program will come soon which could show much more gold on deposit than previously estimated.

Currently, Atico is getting very little value from the market for La Plata which could be a huge opportunity for investors once new deposits have been found.

Atico Mining Corporation has a market capitalization of around $56 million (as of August 13, 2020) and is trading at $.47 cents per share.

CAPEX required to build La Plata mine is projected to be $50 - 60 million. This will be partly funded through self generated funds from El Roble of $10-$15 million, an equity raise of $10-$15 million and the reminder financed on debt.

Find Atico Mining on the stock exchange:


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Jayant Bhandari
Jayant Bhandari grew up in India. He advises institutional investors on investing in the junior mining industry. He writes on political, economic and cultural issues for several publications. He is a contributing editor of the Liberty magazine. He runs a yearly seminar in Vancouver titled Capitalism & Morality.
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