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Who is the Biggest Debt Time Bomb: Japan, France, the UK or the United States?

Some must reads: According to the Economist the biggest time bomb in the euro zone crisis is France. We wonder why the United States and Britain, that have same weak trade balances, the same weak competitiveness and a debt overhang, shouldn't have a problem? Just because France must do austerity according to the German Fiscal Compact wish, and the US and Britain do not need to do this? Or like Ray Dalio called it, are the US and Britain...

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Can the United States Be Really More than Just the Global Consumer?

The ISM PMI under 50 shows that the United States are in contraction as for industrial production. The dollar is simply too strong. The Americans consume, but the US trade deficit gets bigger. The Chinese, Japanese,  Germans and some global US firms take the profits on it. Today a worth-reading propaganda...

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The vicious cycle of the US economy or why the US dollar must ultimately fall again

Just some simple words about the vicious cycle of the US economy and the consequences on the US dollar: A stronger USD will not rescue the US economy, quite the contrary. US companies will not hire in the US, but outsource or hire overseas. If they hire in the US, due to the high number …

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