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  1. Tim Killen

    Dear Mr. Drugan,

    Congratulations on your 2013 prediction that the CHF peg to the EUR would be abandoned within a few years. The Swiss National Bank never should have undertaken to play King Canute.

    What Now ?

    Please explain the connection between your firm and the central bank of Switzerland. The initials you use (SNBCHF) and the text and illustrations seem to be intended to make the reader believe yours is an official website of some type. It would be more helpful to state that you are totally independent pundits without non-public information sources (if this is so).Also, the extent to which you have published facts t he DSNB would have preferred to remain undisclosed. Also criticism containing derogatory comments, where warranted in your opinion.
    Thank you.

  2. George Dorgan
    George Dorgan

    Mr Killen, I know that this is all very visionary and might sound like a joke:
    Perhaps one day there is no SNB any more, because it lost its owner’s equity and went bankrupt.
    Our firm will still be there and could take over.

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