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Umberto Principe
Pen name of Italian Banker. He speaks many languages and is especially well versed in German. For privacy reasons he does not disclose his real name.

Viva la Democrazia! The Reign of the Spread is Finished!

Claudio Messora, one of most well known critics during the "Reign of the spread" between Italian and German bonds.He happy about the return of democracy.

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The Full List of Monti Reforms: Which Have Been Really Implemented?

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti passed 30 billion euros ($40.3 billion) in tax hikes (17 billion), pension and spending cuts (13 billion).

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Guest Post: Six Reasons Why Italy May Exit the Euro Before Spain; Ultimate Occupy Movement

Six Reasons Why Italy May Exit Before Spain 1) Rise of the Five Star Movement 2) 44% of Italians view the euro negatively, only 30% favorably. That is biggest negative spread in the eurozone. In Spain more view the euro positively than negative, albeit by a small 4 percentage point spread.

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