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Which Way America? An RPI Event

These are trying times. The war party seems stronger than ever while the peace movement feels even more scattered. 

Make no mistake: D.C. is hungry for war. The neocon plan has always been to defeat Russia using Ukraine as a proxy. It started with Victoria Nuland's Ukrainian coup in 2014. Now that the proxy war has apparently failed, the neocons are in desperation mode—and they do not have a reverse gear.

If this seems like a bad dream, you are not alone. How does it make sense that more than 30 years after the fall of communism, we are closer to war with Russia than ever? And for what?

The war party seems to have all the money, with the NATO-funded think tanks, the media, most of D.C., and a good part of the brainwashed American public on its side. It may look hopeless, but we have one thing they have always underestimated: the truth.

Indeed, there is no reason for despair as the peace movement is growing! It looks different than during the Iraq war, but new factions are emerging with new energy and there is every reason for excitement and optimism!

This will be RPI's 7th Washington conference and as any previous attendee will hopefully confirm, we learn much from the great speakers but we also meet great people. We form important social, personal, and professional networks. And we have a good time!

Come and join Dr. Ron Paul and the Ron Paul Institute, along with fascinating speakers such as Col. Douglas Macgregor, Max Blumenthal, Anya Parampil, and many more to be announced. 

For more information about ticket pricing, hotel and parking, and sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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