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Swiss electricity prices to rise as much as 280% in 2023

Next year, average electricity prices in Switzerland are set to rise 27% with significant difference depending on where you live, reported RTS.

Swiss electricity prices to rise as much as 280% in 2023

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In 2023, an average household consuming 4,500 kWh a year will pay an extra CHF 261 a year for their electricity.

However, there will be big differences depending on where you are. In Zwischbergen, a municipality in Valais, 4,500 kWh will cost CHF 383.05 in 2023. The same electricity in Gaiserwald in the canton of St Gallen will cost CHF 2,644.20, nearly 7 times as much.

Residents of Oberlunkhofen in Aargau will need to brace themselves for the greatest price hike. Prices there will rise from 15.1 to 58.1 cents a kWh pushing the price of 4,500 kWh up by 280% from CHF 678.50 to CHF 2,614.50.

In 2023, prices in Geneva will be 24.22 cents per kWh (CHF 1,089.90 for 4,500 kWh), in Vaud around 32 cents per kWh (CHF 1,440 for 4,500 kWh) and in most of Zurich around 22 cents (CHF 990 for 4,500 kWh) – there are differences across municipalities in Vaud and Zurich.

A map put together by RTS shows 2023 prices by municipality.

According to the Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom), municipal price differences are explained by local topographical differences, network efficiency differences, consumption patterns and electricity sources. For example Romande Energie in Vaud provides significantly more electricity than it produces requiring it to buy 60% of its electricity in the market. This means higher market prices, driven largely by dearer fossil fuels, are felt more acutely by its customers.

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