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Covid: new cases up 30 percent this week in Switzerland

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This week, 10,148 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Switzerland, up 30% from the 7,818 recorded the week before. On a 7-day moving average basis, the number of daily new cases was 1,450.

The number entering hospital with Covid-19 was stable. Over the last 7 days, 119 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospital with Covid-19 compared to 150 during the prior 7 days. This week Covid-19 deaths were up. 31 deaths were recorded over the most recent 7 days compared to 28 over the prior 7 days.

This week, Patrick Mathys, the head of vaccinations in Switzerland described the current epidemiological situation as unfavourable. Tanja Stadler, head of the Covid-19 scientific task force, warned that the number of cases could double as winter sets in. 1.6 million people remain without immunity in Switzerland, she said.

The unvaccinated continued to make up the majority of those hospitalised and dying with Covid-19 this week despite making up a relatively small percentage of those at risk of severe illness – 87% of those over 70 have now been vaccinated. Over the last 7 days 41 out of the 119 (34%) people hospitalised with Covid-19 in Switzerland were recorded as fully vaccinated. One reason vaccinated people are ending up in hospital is because the protection offered by vaccines has weakened among older age groups who were vaccinated earlier and have less responsive immune systems. This week Swissmedic authorised third doses of vaccine for those at most risk.

Switzerland’s vaccination rate has barely risen since last week moving from 65.51% to 65.89% of the population with at least one shot, a rise of 0.38%. In a survey published by RTS 22.5% of those surveyed said the would not get vaccinated.

Resistance to vaccination is visible on Switzerland’s streets. Last weekend a peaceful authorised protest took place in Bern, which is likely to be the last in the city before a vote on 28 November 2021 on laws created by the government to manage the pandemic.

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