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Revelation Of The Method

There is one question very few are asking. Even on the most obscure blogs or conspiracy forums, we don’t find serious discussion of it.

That question is the reason we created this website in the first place, and called it coronacircus.

Why make it a circus?

Why make this whole “pandemic” such a “scamdemic”? There are so many obvious, blatant holes; we’ve been noticing them for a long time, and millions have too. It seems too easy. The central planners themselves are giving us all the figures and the information we need to realize this “virus” is a nothing burger.

Why is that exactly?

There is one example (among the many) that grants validity to this question, it is the case of Sweden. What’s up with Sweden? No house arrests, no curfews, no muzzle mandates. And they’re doing just fine. Why was this allowed? And why would its success be flaunted? It’s not like Sweden isn’t controlled by the same occult interests that control the rest of the world.

Elsewhere, it’s true there are a lot of masked faces roaming everywhere. But more people than we know resent having to wear one; they comply only for fear of shaming.

We realize the truth about the circus by speaking to hairdressers and taxi drivers. They’re interesting because they talk to lots of different people. Simple, friendly questions like, “don’t you think it’s strange billionaires are getting so much richer with all this?”, or “don’t you think they overestimated the threat, and that there is a lot of over-reaction?” will yield interesting results.

More people than we know aren’t buying it, even if they aren’t vociferously denouncing it. But they aren’t taking a vaccine anytime soon; at least that’s true in Europe and the USA.

And yet again: why would the MSM tell us this exactly?

As we already covered, this has been happening for a long time. One example is the Saddam Hussein WMDs. Why make the lie so blatant? Why not simply plant WMDs in a cave somewhere in Iraq and make a photo op and a movie about the perilous discovery? Why do the actual opposite? And why did Fahrenheit 9/11 win an Oscar exactly?

Each side of the fake left/right dialectic is being fed different identities, and is being driven to cynicism and pessimism in different ways … both sides agree the “current system must go”. It’s the fault either of the “white supremacist colonialist patriarchy” (socialism is the answer), or the “globalists, the UN, China and George Soros” (nationalism is the answer).

Each side holds half the truth. And the truth is everyone has a common adversary: government. That is, the largest enslaver and mass-murderer across geography and history. When it is coercive and involuntary, it represents mankind’s mortal enemy. Whatever parasitic force controls it from time immemorial, if there is one, is merely its catalyst.

What if many conspiracy theories, however true, are part of the conspiracy? What if we are supposed to be outraged at the Iraq war and 2008 bank bailouts, or to think Epstein was murdered or escaped, and to refuse a vaccine, or even to completely reject the current system?

Remember: Fox News speaks against Bill Gates and the coronacircus. Murdoch’s Fox News, that very same neocon cheerleader of the Iraq war. Elon Musk does too.

The deep State isn’t deep at all, it is very obvious, too obvious.

But Why?

We must first give the phenomenon a name. We like this one: revelation of the method. The central planners are telling us exactly what they’re doing, they’re flaunting their crimes and impunity, and they are making their script increasingly preposterous.

What reason could explain such a loose script?

Here are a few possibilities, from the most benign to the least:

Incompetence. They either released a virus, or thought this natural virus could be “the one”, but it didn’t work as planned. They played out the script as if it had (because that’s what they had prepared), and they are extremely disappointed with this nothing burger of a virus.

They don’t care. They figure the vast majority of people at this point will put up with and swallow anything they put out, however preposterous, so why go through the effort of manufacturing something real? And if it can serve to troll the few that are interested in the truth, further alienate them from the rest, that’s an added bonus.

Pure arrogance. They believe they are so powerful they can openly mock us, invent absolutely anything, and always get away with it. They are showcasing their power to themselves and their peers. It is akin to the duping delight.

A psychological warfare ploy consisting in openly showcasing their power and impunity in order to produce a subconscious thrill within the audience of the “perfect crime”; this leads to cognitive dissonance, Stockholm syndromes, and learned helplessness. This book describes that idea in further detail : Michael A Hoffman – Secret societies and psychological warfare, here is a full copy for evaluation purposes (that’s where we got the name “revelation of the method”).

Consent. There is some natural law that costs them if they impede on our free will. Therefore they should get our consent, or its closest analogue: oblivious submission. Voluntary servitude is no servitude at all (in their mind).

An occult ritual. It is part of an initiation ritual. Also known as a rite of passage. First isolation, second humiliation, third evolution. The occult rulers are planning a change for humanity, and this is the introductory ritual. The initiate (humanity) needs to enter a “new age”. The butterfly must shed its chrysalis, the phoenix must rise after the fire, ordo ab chao. This involves destroying the existing system, which the people must voluntarily discard. The preposterous circus, the blatant idiocracy, is meant towards that goal.

Our readers know of our penchant for that last level of understanding. The truth is likely a combination of things, including some that aren’t listed here; how far down the rabbit hole one must go to find it is the question.

Eschatological Script

Going down that rabbit hole, we discover a prevalent theme: that of an “end of times”. It is even being openly announced, either as a “new world order” or lately a “great reset”. It’s always the same idea.

Here are its different colors, from the most accepted to the least:

  • The Earth is warming and overpopulated, our Earth and humanity are in peril, a climate catastrophe is happening. That is the story of a great flood, as the effect of the alleged global warming is said to be the catastrophic rise of oceans.
  • The globalist new world order is upon us, congruent with the rise of China. A large reset is in the cards, that should involve a debt jubilee, cashless society, and universal basic income; it is the end of individual liberty as we know it.
  • Something is going on with the Earth, or actually it may have something to do with the sun. Whether it’s a pole shift, an asteroid, a ghost planet or a solar flash, a catastrophe is announced.
  • We are in the age of prophecy, as predicted by religious sages and books. The fastest-growing Jewish congregation post-WW2 is inherently messianic; Islam has been overtaken by a wave of imminent eschatology; Christian evangelicals are seeing the signs of the coming tribulation; Pope Francis addresses the end of the world on St Peter’s square; and the New Age is understood by its very name.

None of these views can be dismissed out of hand; they all hold some amount of merit. An interesting first question is: what do the central planners believe?

The ones we’re talking about are those that planned 9/11 at the highest level, with full cognizance that it was an occult ritual, a mass-illusion, a mass human sacrifice, and a televised reenactment of the destruction of Solomon’s temple.

What do they actually believe in?

Do they think the Earth is about to get destroyed, and that’s why they don’t care anymore? Or do they think Saturn, Lucifer, Yaldabaoth or an alien, whether real or imaginary, will present itself to humanity and save the day for them? Or is it something else? Or don’t they believe in any kind of abrupt change at all, at this is all just a sick game?

And most importantly, what is the truth?

Wait For It

The answer is so simple, and so beautiful, that we must first repeat the question.

Why do the central planners make such a preposterous circus? Why all the absurd claims, the blatant manifestations of incompetence? And the occult symbolism, the rituals, the sick obsession with numbers and dates?

Surely there are more efficient ways to govern. We cannot be made to think they are incompetent, at least when it comes to human psychology.

So why are they doing all this? And this occult stuff, does it work? Is magic real?

And what is the truth? What will happen to humanity? Are the end-times coming?

There is one answer to these questions, and it is beautiful.

The Answer

That is the end of the rabbit hole.


Here is the answer:


It doesn’t really matter.


It is beautiful because it exists.


Nothing can harm you.


You have nothing to fear.


All of it is just a dream.


We could ask you to think about the past; you would conjure memories into your mind. We could ask you to think about the future; you may come up with projects, aspirations, or intuitions.

Similarly, please try now to think of the present. The most “now” moment possible. Just for as long as you wish to. It is something that cannot be described in language, it must be experienced.


Auxiliary Answer

Yes, that’s excellent news. There’s nothing to fear; that is a commendation of action. The Truth escapes language; that implies humility. It is a beautiful dream; it is fascinating to scrutinize it and try to understand what’s going on.

In this apparent reality, there are barbarians playing the role of the shadow. They represent the absence of love, beauty and truth (fundamental substances of this reality). Theirs is a very strange game, and they are putting on a very strange show.

Here is what we humbly think they’re playing at.

They know a big change is necessarily happening because the money system is unsustainable. It will be the greatest economic catastrophe in the history of money. They built a tower of debt over generations, and it has already been patched up beyond repair; rather than let it fall freely, its inevitable destruction must be controlled. They’ve been preparing for it for a long time. These barbarians also think they can “hack” this reality; they rely on spells and other pathetic rituals to exert control.

We mean pathetic in the literal sense: inspiring pity. One cannot imagine the gripping fear they must be enduring to be behaving like they do. And their erratic criminal behavior is increasing in tandem with their fear.

If there is one revolutionary factor we can consider to try and predict the future, it is the Internet. Like the printing press or writing itself, it drastically reduces the cost of accessing ideas. But new ideas are built from old ideas, so the digital age actually reduces the cost of producing ideas, by several orders of magnitude. And more interaction of ideas favors the emergence of beauty and truth, as dictated by nature.

Of course if the sun is a recurrent nova and the Earth is about to be rebooted, we revert to our first answer. It’s no big deal.

But if this timeline continues, and we think it will, then it is inevitable the barbarians will fail. They are currently playing out an eschatological script, that they are conjuring up from some barbaric tradition in order to hypnotize the world. When the money system goes, they want people to revolt, to destroy everything, to kill each other, and then to worship them.

And that’s why they will fail: the Earth is vast, scarcity is a myth, overpopulation is a myth, we are perfectly capable of being prosperous and healthy in voluntary, decentralized communities. Central planning does not work, nature abhors it, it has been tried countless times, it has always failed.

In this dream we call reality, we would suggest non-cooperation with the barbarians, and that means leaving their cities.

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