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Coronavirus: Switzerland seems to be fending off potential second wave

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The number of recorded Covid-19 cases in Switzerland has declined over the last 12 days.

Over the most recent 14 days, the number of recorded cases per 100,000 in Switzerland was 59, below the figure of 60 used by the Swiss health authorities to define a region as high risk. 12 days ago on 20 September, the same rate was 67 per 100,000.

The French-speaking canton of Vaud, Switzerland’s most recent Covid-19 hotspot, has recently seen recorded cases fall significantly. On 11 September 2020, 208 cases were recorded in the canton. On 28 September 2020, 35 new cases were recorded, a fall of 83%. Fribourg, Geneva and Neuchâtel, canton’s that also had higher than average numbers of infections, have recently seen their rates fall too.

Vaud has been active in quarantining people. For four days last week more than 3,500 people were in quarantine, many of them at EHL, Lausanne’s hotel school. The daily number of people in quarantine in Vaud over the weeks prior to last week was around 1,500. Vaud also recently tightened rules on gatherings, nightclubs and events. These restrictions are set to run until the end of October 2020.

There are signs that daily recorded infections may have started to trend down in Austria and France after rising steeply during the first three weeks of September 2020. In Germany and Italy, Switzerland other neighbours, the numbers of daily recorded cases have remained relatively low and stable throughout September 2020.

Throughout most of September, relatively high rates of infection in French-speaking Switzerland and relatively low rates in Switzerland’s German- and Italian-speaking regions mirrored the relatively high rates in neighbouring France and relatively low rates in neighbouring Italy and Germany.

Laurent Kaiser, head of infectious diseases at Geneva’s HUG hospital, told RTS that being highly active in terms of testing, tracing, isolation and quarantining has yielded positive results.

Kaiser underlined the need to hold the current line over the coming months. “We have a social responsibility, not for ourselves but for others”, he said. Widespread adherence to protection measures is crucial for staying on top of the epidemic, according to the infectious disease specialist.

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