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SPECIAL REPORT: Follow The Money – Volume 5

If the recession was the first “shoe to drop”, what’s the second…or third? The shock of the self-inflicted COVID recession is behind us. What we’re all wondering now is what comes next? Will the economy recover to its previous state? Something better? Something worse? That will be determined by the second and third-order effects and they are already starting.

Our Special Report on 2nd & 3rd Order Economic Effects, Volume 5 in Jeff Snider’s “Follow The Money” series, will help you detail what might happen, and will counsel you on how to navigate your portfolio through these turbulent times.

Click here to download Follow The Money: Second Shoes (Sign-Up Required).

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Marcelo Perez
Marcelo started his career in the finance and investment industry in 2005. He was briefly employed with Washington Mutual before taking a position with Citi/SmithBarney. Once there, Marcelo soon realized that the business practices employed at the big financial conglomerates were not of his taste, nor in his nature, so he decided to join a conflict-free investment advisory firm. He has since made a home at Alhambra Investments as a Registered Investment Advisor. Marcelo graduated from Florida International University in 2008 with a degree in Finance, and has over 8 years of trading and investment experience. His company is a global investment adviser, hence potential Swiss clients should not hesitate to contact AIP
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