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Swiss median monthly wage exceeds CHF6,500 ($6,506)

Swiss median monthly wage exceeds CHF6,500 ($6,506)

The survey found that the pay gap between the highest and lowest earners decreased only very slightly in the years between 2008 and 2016,

A government survey analysing wage structures in the Alpine nation found that the median salary for a full-time job in 2016 was CHF6,502 ($6,509) for the entire Swiss economy.

The bottom 10% of Swiss earners had a salary of less than CHF4,313 ($4,317), while the best paid 10% earned more than CHF11,406 ($11,418) a month.

These numbers were published by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) on Monday.

Stable wage gap

The surveyexternal link also found that the pay gap between the highest and lowest earners decreased only very slightly in the years between 2008 and 2016, from a factor of 2.7 down to a factor of 2.6.

During the same period, wages increased by 6.3% for the top 10% of earners, by 6.9% for the middle-income earners, and by 9.9% for the lowest paid 10%.

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Overall, the share of low-wage jobs in the Swiss economy is declining, according to the FSO statement. A low-wage job is defined as a full-time job with a gross monthly wage of less than CHF4,335 ($4,339). In 2016, there were approximately 329,000 such jobs in the country, representing 10.2% of total jobs, compared to a proportion of 11.4% in 2008.

Gender pay gap

The gap between male and female wages is decreasing also, according to the FSO’s figures. In 2016, the gender pay gap was 12%, compared to 12.5% in 2014.

However, the gap was more pronounced in the private sector, where women earned 14.6% less than their male colleagues, compared to 12.5% in the public sector.

These wage discrepancies could be partly explained by variations in activity type as well as structural differences, according to the report.

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